Philanthropic support allows independent schools like AG娱乐平台 to offer more ambitious, 有创意的, and distinctive student programs than would normally be possible through tuition alone. 两个基本事实说明了AG娱乐APP付出的力量:

  • Tuition covers roughly 80 percent of the cost of the AG娱乐平台 experience.
  • The remaining 20 percent is possible—in large part—because of generous support from alumni, 父母, 爷爷奶奶, 和朋友.

Thousands of us in Hawai‘i and around the world love AG娱乐平台. 这是AG娱乐APP行动的号召. Our school is life-changing and vibrant, but it needs a stronger financial foundation. 通过不断增长 AG娱乐平台基金AG娱乐平台养老, AG娱乐APP将进一步推进学生项目, 增加财政援助, provide more competitive salaries and 专业发展 for teachers, and embrace future learning opportunities from a place of vision and strength.




校友 participation nearly tripled last year, and parent giving remains high. 加入AG娱乐APP,Ka Makani!


Guided by a bold Strategic Plan and groundbreaking 可持续性 Plan, AG娱乐平台不仅在努力提升它的项目 一年,也为未来. Every great school needs a network of passionate alumni, 父母, 爷爷奶奶, 和朋友 to reach its full potential and achieve its vision. 今天,AG娱乐平台需要AG娱乐APP. AG娱乐平台需要你.

Our immediate objective is to grow our base of active donors and volunteers, 通过自置居所保护基金和自置居所保护基金. 在AG娱乐APP的 当前优先级, you have many options to direct your gift to the area of AG娱乐平台 that matters most to you.

The affection and aloha that so many Ka Makani feel for 这 place is real, and those feelings are absolutely vital to AG娱乐平台’s fiscal health and stability. A strong tradition of yearly giving will secure a fruitful AG娱乐平台 experience for every single student.”

—Hannah Hind Candelario ’01; P’30, director of advancement


AG娱乐平台 is one of roughly 1,500 independent K-12 schools in the U.S. 一般来说, independent schools operate using three sources of income: tuition, 辅助项目(如设施租赁), 还有校友的礼物, 父母, 爷爷奶奶, 还有对学校有信心的朋友.

Tuition is understandably the largest source of revenue for most independent schools. However, the history of independent schools reflects a strong and important tradition of giving. Philanthropy allows private education to achieve a higher level of programming than would normally be possible through tuition alone.

在下丘脑-垂体-肾上腺轴的, we have been fortunate to receive many generous gifts over the years to support specific projects and activities. AG娱乐APP没有, 然而, cultivated consistent support from a large body of donors who help sustain the school every year, 带着不同尺寸的礼物. AG娱乐APP才刚刚开始这样做, and we know that a great love and desire to help exists within the AG娱乐平台 ‘ohana. We are so grateful for the volunteers and donors who will help us strengthen the AG娱乐平台基金 和 AG娱乐平台养老, and who will invite others into a philanthropic relationship with the school.


目前, AG娱乐平台非常依赖于学费, which supplies approximately 80 percent of operational costs each year. Current economic conditions and demographic trends demonstrate (for all independent schools) the importance of reducing dependence on tuition in conjunction with cost control, 谨慎的金融投资, 和慈善的支持.


  • 金融难接近. 的必要性 金融援助 continues to rise dramatically, even among higher income families. 对于每一所独立学校, a generous 金融援助 budget has become essential to sustain enrollment, 选择性, 和社会经济多样性.
  • 在留住最好的教员方面缺乏灵活性. AG娱乐平台的小额捐赠意味着补偿, 好处, 专业发展, and quality housing must all be sustained on a year-by-year basis from tuition revenue 和 AG娱乐平台基金. These limitations make it difficult to respond to economic challenges (when they arise) and to remain competitive in relation to peer schools.
  • 递延校园维护. In order to steward a campus like AG娱乐平台’s for future generations of students, a regular and significant investment should be made in upkeep and maintenance each year. AG娱乐平台’s modest endowment cannot generate enough resources to cover the annual need. Consequently, our beloved campus carries a significant amount of deferred maintenance.

As AG娱乐平台 works toward the ambitious goals of the Strategic and 可持续性 Plans, a stronger AG娱乐平台基金 and larger AG娱乐平台养老 will help secure our school against these risks. 但最重要的是, our support and confidence will bring AG娱乐平台 more fully into its potential and its commitment to serve Hawai‘i Island 和 larger world.



How far AG娱乐平台 can travel toward its future vision depends on all of us. You can help AG娱乐平台 meet the above challenges and move forward with confidence.