• 申请截止日期是什么时候?

    Application deadlines for first-round admission decisions are listed by grade level 在这里. 收到申请清单中“要求”的所有申请表格和材料,以及招生办公室特别要求的任何补充材料,即构成一个完整的申请.

  • 申请人应该何时开始入学程序?

    Once 应用程序 for the upcoming academic year is available on the AG娱乐平台 website, applicants are welcome to engage in the admission process. 早在秋天就开始了, 申请人有更多的时间考虑在AG娱乐平台的机会,并为申请过程收集补充材料. 注意所有的截止日期是很重要的.

  • 如果应用程序迟到了怎么办?

    If an application set is received after the priority deadline, the applicant will move into the rolling decision process, to be considered after applicants who submitted complete files by the priority deadline. Rolling admission decisions will be made based on space availability.

  • 每年有多少申请者被录取?

    通常, about 120 students are admitted each year, grades K-12 and postgraduate.

  • How many applicants are enrolled into the residential program each year?

    关于 55 students are enrolled into our residential program each year (grades 9- 12, PG), with the majority going into grade 9 (approximately 35 boarding students for 9th grade).

  • 申请人是否需要参加SSAT考试?

    申请就读6至11年级学生, have the option this year to submit SSAT scores as part of the admission process. AG娱乐平台 will accept other standardized test scores as well, and again this is optional. Applicants applying to grade 12 and PG may submit College Board PSAT or SAT, 行为, 计划, 探索, 以及过去18个月进行的心理教育测试或伍德考克·约翰逊测试.

  • 考试分数有多重要?

    Test scores are considered within the context of the student’s complete application. Test scores can provide insight into a student’s academic capability and potential. 有关考试日期,请访问www.ssat.org. AG娱乐平台测试中心代码是3766.

  • Once a student is enrolled, do they automatically get enrolled the following year?

    If a student is in good standing with the school and has an acceptable record, the student will be offered re-enrollment to the next grade and/or level of the school. 一般来说, 例如, AG娱乐APP现在五年级的走读生升入六年级,现在八年级的走读生升入九年级, automatically taking the majority of those day student entry spaces. AG娱乐APP所做的, 然而, 在大多数年级有新的空间,特别是那些在6年级和9年级的关键入口点. AG娱乐APP鼓励所有年级的家庭在公布的截止日期之前提出申请.

  • 健康保险对申请人的要求是什么?

    AG娱乐平台是一个选择性的机构, 这意味着AG娱乐APP正在寻找那些寻求挑战性环境的申请者,他们将与志同道合的同龄人一起分享自己的抱负和主动性. AG娱乐APP相信有很多方式可以对世界产生影响,在AG娱乐平台,AG娱乐APP认真考虑成绩和考试分数, but AG娱乐平台 also is looking for a “good match” between the applicant and the school. By “good match” we mean someone whose values are aligned with AG娱乐平台’s, 其中包括保持自己的高道德和伦理标准,并寻找机会对世界作出积极的改变. We also are looking for applicants who identify as a contributor, 他订婚了, and embody a collaborative spirit; those who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and try new things; those who express a healthy curiosity and are excited about learning; those who strive for balance and can prioritize their commitments; and those who understand the value of creating space for reflection in their life. 当然, t在这里 is no one profile that represents the student community 在这里 at AG娱乐平台, but t在这里 are definitely common threads that run throughout. Some applicants come into the admissions process already exhibiting these attributes; others have noted potential. 在选择过程中, AG娱乐APP正在寻找那些AG娱乐APP相信会在校园茁壮成长,并且在入学前做好学术准备的申请者.

  • 申请幼儿园有年龄限制吗?

    是的. Applicants must turn 5 years old by July 31st of the kindergarten entry year.

  • 如果申请不完整怎么办?

    If an applicant’s admission file is incomplete at the time of an admission deadline, the Admission Committee will not put the applicant’s file into the review process. If a family does not anticipate being able to complete an applicant’s file, 这个问题应该在入学截止日期之前与招生办公室讨论.

  • Can an applicant visit the campus or have a shadow experience?

    AG娱乐平台正在管理AG娱乐APP现有学生和教师的安全,并正在努力改进现场参观和校园参观.  请参阅AG娱乐APP的 虚拟入学中心 to learn more about ongoing events and options throughout the admission process and season.

  • Do applicants need to submit all of the pieces of 应用程序 at the same time?

    No, 应用程序, 学生声明, 父母声明, and all supplemental material may be submitted separately. 对于申请人和家人来说,尽早提交他们的材料是很重要的,并开始与申请人的学校和老师合作,以确保他们的材料也按时提交.

  • What are the requirements for home-schooled applicants?

    在家中接受教育的申请人必须提交以下资料, 或者代替, 学校成绩单, and all of the required materials on 应用程序 checklist:

    • Documentation of compliance with a state-accredited home schooling program
    • 哲学解释:解释指导你家庭教育方法的哲学. 为申请人提供具体的家庭上学日期.
    • 家庭学校课程的全面描述:在申请人的学校经历中使用过的书籍和资源.
    • 如有,提供教学大纲.
    • Grades for each course taken and description of the grading standards.
    • Describe what factors played into your decision to homeschool your child. 您认为您的孩子在一个独立的学校环境中,在社交和学习方面会有怎样的表现?
  • 健康保障计划允许学生留级一年吗?

    家庭必须与招生办公室讨论这个问题,并且必须有一个令人信服的理由. 通常, it is rare that AG娱乐平台 would allow a student to request repeating a year, 然而, 这是可能的. In some cases, the Admission Committee may recommend a student to repeat a grade.

  • AG娱乐平台接受春季学期的申请吗?

    是的. AG娱乐平台接受有限数量的申请春季学期和入学将在一个可用的空间基础上. Applicants for Spring semester should contact the admission office to discuss this option.

  • 需要面试吗??

    Depending on the grade a student is applying to and the time of year, an individual or group interview may be scheduled for an applicant. Interviews are scheduled at the discretion of the Admission Office.

  • Does an applicant have to live in the area to be eligible as a day student?

    走读学生身份:只有当学生与亲生父母全职生活在AG娱乐APP岛,并且居住在库克船长以北或佩皮克奥以北时,学生才会被考虑走读. 学生 who live south of either town must be classified as boarding students. AG娱乐平台为9-12年级的学生提供寄宿服务 & PG,基于空间可用性. A student may be considered for In-State boarding status if the student qualifies. 请参阅此链接,以了解更多有关健康保障计划提供的不同住宿选择和相关资格.

  • 申请自置健康保险的竞争力如何?

    AG娱乐平台是一个选择性的学校,竞争不同的水平,特别是在走读生池. AG娱乐APP的主要入门点是K年级,6年级和9年级.

  • 何时以及如何传达录取决定?


    For Kindergarten, priority admission decisions will be communicated on March 1.


    For Boarding student applicants, priority admission decisions will be delivered on March 9.


  • 等待池有多大?它是如何工作的?

    等待池的大小每年都不同. 如果AG娱乐APP不能提供申请人, 谁被认为是可以接受的, 空间在给定年级中的空间, AG娱乐APP将在入学等待池中提供一个空间. The applicant will remain in the wait pool until a space becomes available. 在这一点上, 该年级的所有申请人都将被考虑使用该空间,其中一人将收到入学邀请. 否则, students will remain in the wait pool until the start of the school year, 此时,等待池将被溶解. 申请下一学年入学的学生可以在秋季重新参加入学程序. 重新申请需要一个家庭开始一个新的申请,并完成与申请相关的检查表. 家庭成员可以向招生办公室要求将先前申请的成绩报告展期.


  • If an applicant is denied admission, can they apply again?

    是的. 学生可能需要更多的时间来发展他们的学术档案或其他形式的准备,AG娱乐平台明白,以前没有被录取的学生可能在未来的某个时候准备得更充分.

  • Does AG娱乐平台 offer financial aid, athletic or other scholarships?

    AG娱乐平台 offers need-based Financial Aid to families who qualify. T在这里 are also limited and select scholarships available  To learn more, visit 这个链接.